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Kim Hutton

Kim Hutton is the initiator and motivator behind the kim h concept. His career history has been very entrepreneurial, having created and launched a few successful business concepts. He has been passionate about design / architecture / interiors since the age of 11. He now runs kim h - a career path change that now fully engages his design passion.

Ehrardt Nieuwoudt

Ehrardt Nieuwoudt has been passionate about design from a young age, specifically habitable spaces. After completing his Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design, he has worked in all aspects of the industry. Starting off in corporate design, event and exhibitions for the first 6 years. After completing designs on the 2010 World Cup, he decided to move into Residential design and Interior Architecture. “In design, nothing excites me more, than bridging limitations, to exceed the clients brief!”

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To an extent, the Kim h team has always been and always will be a comparatively small, exclusive, and highly creative bunch. We continuously strive to strike a balance between the stability of including highly qualified / experienced members with the excitement and new ideas of newly qualified younger upstarts!

The entire creative team (old and young!) work together on every single project we work on – irrespective of the nature of the project.

This generally sets us apart from our competitors where it seems one designer is allocated to a specific project alone. We love the healthy debate, friendly arguments and creative buzz around every item to be placed or selected into the project.

All staff members are university educated, have the ability to actively voice their ideas and to all finally agree once the debates have passed.

An absolute passion for design, a personality and care about the client goes without saying.